The Animal Power Party Fighting for Democracy and for our animals

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About Us

In 2012 almost 500,000 people in Miami Dade County voted to create programs to save our animals.   They also voted to fund those programs with a slight  increase to their property tax.  It was called the Pets' Trust.   The commissioners and Mayor Carlos Gimenez told us they would honor the will of the people if we voted for it, and 65% of the voters did so! In July of 2013 when the funding process began, the Mayor and several commissioners decided "we the people" did not know what we were voting for.  THE PETS' TRUST WAS NEVER IMPLEMENTED.  

The Animal Power Party is here to send a message that in 2016 we will find elected officials that will honor our vote.   Help us show our elected officials that THEY WORK FOR US!!!  Take your passion to the voting booth and help us make a change.

Get Involved

Print the Action Form and take it with you. Take them to your neighborhood dog parks, your events, dinner parties..any idea you can think of as you journey around the County. Always be prepared to sign up new members!!!

Mail completed forms to:

Animal Power Party
8845 S.W. 132nd St. Miami, FL 33176

Email to: or Fax to: 786 250 5218


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Learn more Mission

Mission Statement     The Animal Power Party is a political action committee set up for the purpose of influencing the 2016 elections in Miami Dade County, seeking candidates that are supportive of animal causes and that have a strong belief in honoring our democracy and the will of the people.  



Fighting for Democracy and for our animals